"People are messy. So is marriage... But, oh the triumph of risking everything to be seen, to love and be loved, to belong completely in the midst of chaos."                                                                 

                                                       Ka Hancock


      "Theoretically, being mad, it's hard to be driven mad...but apparently not impossible. I used to wonder how falling  in love--real love--worked for people who didn't have to worry about madness. They probably didn't have to try as hard as humanly possible not to fall into it in the first place, or feel like they had to reject it because it couldn't be trusted, or have to imagine the scalding rejection that would come when the full extent of the madness was revealed... But despite all this, I was a goner by the end of our first date and it terrified me...for her."                                   



      "I sank to my knees and read the letter again. In it I could hear Mickey's voice, which by the end was screaming off the page. And I saw him. In my mind's eye I saw Mickey writing this to me, trying to outrun his illness, trying to capture every word before it overtook him. In the center of Mickey's madness, in the eye of his horrible storm, here was his heart, open and aching for me. I could not imagine not loving him. And I loved him broken.




“In a world of Nicholas Sparks wannabes, there are an infinite number of ways to get a tear-jerking romance wrong. Ka Hancock’s lovely, heartbreaking debut novel, Dancing on Broken Glass, shows off a great way to get it right…. She grounds her emotionally wrenching situations in beautifully detailed characters—including the amazing interplay between Lucy and her two sisters—and uses her background in nursing to provide compelling texture for the medial dramas. As those characters struggle to understand the connection between love and mortality. Hancock fills her pages with a rich, optimistic spirituality that never feels oppressive. Get ready for a good, cleansing cry built on real, tangled humanity rather than forced tragedy.”

"Hancock’s debut is an authentic tearjerker—an intimate and touching story that will remain in readers’ hearts."


"In an expertly choreographed work, Salt Lake City author Ka Hancock takes readers on a thrilling dance of their own in her debut novel, 'Dancing on Broken Glass.'
Hardly a continuously smooth and flowing waltz, the story is full of dips and turns that lead readers into the hearts and challenges of Lucy Houston and Mickey Chandler. Ka hancock invites readers to join in a dance — it’s a dance that may change you, may cause a different perspective on relationships, renew faith in forever and may make you fall in love all over again."


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5 stars? Who cares how many stars? I'm done and I'm D.O.N.E. A more beautiful story has never been told. I won't even try to write a "pretty" review because it can't be done. I was right when I predicted this would become an all-time favorite!


One of the signs of a great book is how it affects you emotionally. When I say that, I don't mean that it makes you cry necessarily but rather how invested you are in the characters and their journeys. With DANCING ON BROKEN GLASS, I felt everything.


It’s now been almost a week since I finished reading this novel, and I can honestly say that I am still thinking about it. It’s been a long time since a book has really touched my heart like this. Please read it, you will not be disappointed!!! Can’t wait for the next Ka Hancock book to be released!! A simply outstanding debut!!



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