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KA (pronounced Kaye) Hancock

Ka Hancock is the author of the beloved novel DANCING ON BROKEN GLASS and newly released THE DUZY HOUSE OF MOURNING. Always intrigued by the human experience and how people navigate their unique challenges, Hancock began writing stories as a child, and never stopped. She discovered early that humanity is a tangled mystery, and that to understand our fellow travelers, and to thrive in difficult relationships, it helps to acknowledge truth, and then proceed accordingly.

To support her writing habit, she became a nurse and settled in the realm of addiction and psychiatric medicine. She finds people-in all their complex and varied lifeforms-completely fascinating.

She lives in Utah with her husband. Her four children, who have multiplied at an impressive rate, keep her happily engaged with a whole new generation.


A devastating accident. a broken mind. crushed memories...

New Year's Eve.

A blinding snowstorm.

Two drivers, one desperately trying to get his laboring wife to the hospital, the other way past his limit...

The morning headlines would read

The New Year Rang In It's First Death and First Birth--Both In The Same Family.

Fast forward twenty-two years. January Duzinski is an embalmer at her grandfather's mortuary. She's also an accomplished pianist when she is bequeathed her mother's Steinway concert grand... as well as the incredible story of disinheritance, tragedy, and forgiveness that goes with it.



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