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Every life worth living is tempered by heartache. Ivy Talbot is about to experience A Year of Ashes. What will it take to survive?


When a little Georgia girl, Ivy Talbot, gets jilted at the altar and heads to Monterey, California to recover, she never imagines the lives she'll change. Not  her father's, who has kept Ivy a secret for over twenty years and has his entire family to protect. Nor does she imagine the effect she'll have on Mia Sutton who is housesitting her aunt's estate for the summer, has a pool house to rent, and needs a friend. Or Mia's finicky brother Bo, a deeply obsessive creative who can't tolerate people in his space but is oddly intrigued by Ivy. And definitely not their sister Camille, who is married to a monster but finds refuge in Ivy's kindness.

As Ivy's life flatlines, she seems to have an uncanny ability to see to the needs of others--until she can't. But the universe knows a secret or two about Ivy Talbot and the people around her. 

There is a LOT of handwashing, some serious comeuppance, a death, the divorce of a parent. And strange people fall... in love.  




Fall 2024

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